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Amateur gardening experiences of a growing girl.

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Summer 2013

Shortly after this post I sprouted a seed… a baby girl! That was eventful. Sadly my balcony garden experiment went horribly awry. It wasn’t a total bust. I was able to have my herb garden. I took an  idea that I saw on Pinterest and quickly found out that it wasn’t very good for my sun situation. I stacked 3 pots on top of one another, a smaller pot in the middle of the bottom two pots so that there would be a level surface to set the next pot on. Each pot smaller than the one under it. This didn’t allow the plants to have 360 degrees of sunshine. Rotating the pots was not ideal and it wasn’t always possible either. 

The smallest pot, at the top, had and still has rosemary in it. The medium pot, in the middle, had cilantro and still has basil in it. The bottom and largest pot still has mint in it. When I decided to unstack the pots, I had to remove the pots in the center. This was no easy task. The roots had taken hold of those inner pots and were murder to take out. Another problem I found with stacking the pots was that there was not enough room for the roots. Perhaps if the pots were larger this may not have been a problem. This space saving option turned out to be a bust for my balcony.