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I’m Baaack!!

I’m back! But not for too long. So much has happened since the last growing season. I finished my Master’s program and will be graduating tomorrow afternoon. I’m also expecting my second child very soon. I’ve moved and no longer have my backyard patch. I am now a balcony gardener!

As a balcony grower, I’ve had to scale back on what I grow and how I grow it. So here’s the super skinny: I’m growing herbs, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Adjusting to limited space is some kind of learning experience for me. Because we use our balcony for more than just gardening, I really have had to be sensible about what to plant. The crops I’ve chosen reflect what I and my family use the most. I’m so blessed to have a five year old that loves salad.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, our balcony gets more than enough strong sun, so lettuce isn’t such a good idea. (I am noticing that my rosemary’s not too fond of all this direct sunlight. You may want to consider providing a little less sunlight on your rosemary.) The nice thing about balcony gardening is that I don’t have to worry about weeds, and there are considerably less bugs. Another advantage is being able to rotate and move my plants however and whenever I need to.

I will keeping you posted on how things are going and I look forward to sharing my experiences as a balcony grower.