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Seeded Watermelon

I was super-dee-duper excited when I walked through my local Shoppers Food Warehouse produce section and found a large box filled to the brim with…. Wait for it…. SEEDED WATERMELONS!!!!

I did a little dance and could barely contain myself. After I managed to pull myself together I began to dig around for the perfect one. When I thought I found it– those babies were large and in charge– I hoisted it into my cart and carried on with my grocery shopping.

When I finally cut into it my hopes and dreams were dashed upon the rocks of Bad Watermelon Beach. It was going bad. The flesh was a bit on the slick and slimy side. It was a beautiful, bright red and the seeds were big and black. It was nasty. I was so sad.

I have decided that I will not give up my search for a seeded watermelon that is as delicious as I remember from my childhood. That is my goal. I will keep you posted.


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Did you know that groundhogs climb trees? I sure didn’t. But Friday I saw a chubby little groundhog hanging out in a tree nearby my garden.

I had assumed that it was deer or rabbits that were nibbling on my squash, cucumbers, Brussels sprouts, and watermelon; but it seems the groundhog is now a suspect.

To combat whichever hungry little critter is making the best out of my home grown goodness, I rigged some bird netting (which is a bit more light weight than deer netting, and cheaper too) between the fenced in portion of the garden and the far side of the delectable treats. So far so good.

Remember to keep an eye or six on the pests that would prefer they eat your fruits and veggies instead of you.