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Ding Dang Squirrels

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I have had enough! Just because the foliage is small does not mean that it is a squirrel playground. There are no acorns or any other tasty morsels in my containers, I say. Get back!
Lately, I have been waking to find my containers pilfered or rummaged through. The lettuce, green peppers, and eggplant have all been disturbed. Actually, all but one bell pepper plant and all of the lettuce have been eradicated by the crass little rodents. I am not pleased.
Off to the computer I went. What can I do to win the war for my seedlings? I read that many of the manufactured squirrel-be-gones are ineffective or are a gamble. The one thing I kept seeing is that there is nothing repellent that is a guaranteed winner. Floating row covers, that’s the answer.
I still don’t have any row covers, but I did read that cayenne pepper may be effective. I tried it. I’m trying it. So far it has been doing the trick. Then it rained, and the offending rodent(s) returned. I’m not sure if the pepper is doing anything or if the squirrels have just been off digging up someone else’s future ingredients, but it does appear to be having some effect.
I am using cayenne pepper-90. I just sprinkle it over the leaves and dirt. The cayenne pepper doesn’t seem to be having any adverse effects on the plants, and it does nothing for the cabbage moths/worms. I would like to think that it is irritating to other invasive pests, but at this point I can’t tell.


Author: Waxing Poetica

I am a poet at heart with a cosmiconscious mind. I'm not so good at hiding my insides, and I find it hard not to be honest to being. Creating and recreating, birthing and earthing, these are things I do being supremely born according to the Word.

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