The Growing Girl

Amateur gardening experiences of a growing girl.

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Garden Philosophy

They say that all you need to have a garden is water, sun, and love. I’m not sure who “they” is, but I’m sure they were trying to encourage would-be farmers and gardeners. what is this “love” they speak of?

I know what it is. It’s hard work, that’s what it is. All that weeding, and cabbage worm picking, and thrip chasing, and potato bug smashing, and BT dusting, and neem oil sprays, and deer watching; that’s LOVE. Not too much else comes with little effort, at least not the things that are most worth having, so why should my cabbage, broccoli and tomatoes?

Thinking on the gardener’s love for the crops, I am reminded of my daughter. She is my main crop. She requires my attention, my pruning, my watering, and my love. Not only do immunizations guard her physical body, but so do the pearls of wisdom that I impart to her, the guidance that I give her, and the lessons that she learns. It is my job to make sure that the pests don’t decimate her will, her spirit, her life or stunt her growth. Just like I do my homework on companion planting, I need to be discerning in the company that she keeps. I’m telling you love is hard work.

Now that I have come to this conclusion, I think I will be more diligent in my care of our garden this spring, and do better in the raising of my child. Love is hard work.