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Wild Weather

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I’m sure everyone who lives on the top side of the world knows by now that there was an earthquake, centered in Virginia, on August 23, 2011. I missed it! I was driving at the time and felt nothing. I’m not sure if it had anything to do with the fact that I drive a vehicle made in 1997.

When I returned home, after checking the house, I went straight to the garden. Everything looked just fine. Not even a stem looked bothered. I guess my veggies aren’t at all intimidated by a 5.8 magnitude quake. That is good news to me.

The same week as the earthquake, Hurricane Irene decided to blow through (August 27, 2011) the Washington DC area. I was really worried about out veggies. Wind and earth tremors are two largely different things. I pulled all the pots close to the house and hoped for the best.

At first Irene seemed a lot like a regular strong rain, but within a few hours it had picked up. The wind was whirling, lightning was flashing (maybe those flashes were transformers blowing), trees were bending, and branches were snapping. I was getting scared at this point, because the noises were getting closer and much louder. Then, BLAM!! I pert near jumped out of my skin. I could tell whatever it was had hit something really close, but I couldn’t tell what.

When I went to the window, I saw nothing. There were branches waving all over the place. That was all. In the morning I found out what it was. A high large oak branch had fallen from a neighbor’s tree and struck another neighbor’s tree which then tipped into our yard. It didn’t fall completely into the yard, but it is definitely leaning on the fence. These were the branches that were waving wildly and closer than I remember to the house.

This week, DC is getting the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee. It has been raining just about all week. The ground is saturated, my garden has little puddles, and the stakes for the brussel sprouts are giving out. Did I mention that the tree that tipped into our yard during Hurricane Irene is now almost on the ground, and dangerously close to crushing our late summer and fall crops. I’m sad.

We are now strategizing how we can avoid the tree crushing our crops. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee for giving us a little bit more adversity and experience when it comes to our gardening experience. Our first growing season is sure to be one for the history books.



Author: Waxing Poetica

I am a poet at heart with a cosmiconscious mind. I'm not so good at hiding my insides, and I find it hard not to be honest to being. Creating and recreating, birthing and earthing, these are things I do being supremely born according to the Word.

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