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Container Carrots

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As you know, or may not know, I love love love carrots. They are my favorite. I started some seedlings to be planted in a container after realizing that our garden plot was not giving them the space they needed to grow (our crops ranged in length from 1 to 2 1/2 inches). Most of the seedlings are about an inch tall and I am keeping a close eye on their progress.

Last week I put my carrot seedlings in a planter and am waiting to see results. The carrots grew quite quickly in the backyard garden, but now I have the planter in the front of the house. Our front yard gets more than full sun. From the time the sun rises to the time it sets, we have sun. Okay maybe not that much, but if there are 12 hours of sunlight 10 of those hours encompass the front of our home. I’m not sure if this is too much sun for the carrots, but I know the herbs and potatoes enjoy it quite nicely.

Since last week we have been getting more than plenty of rain. It’s almost as if Summer said, “Since I have been stingy with the rain this year, I think I’ll try to make it up to you in these few days.” I have had to empty rain water from my herbs and my carrots. Just yesterday the backyard garden was under and inch of standing water. I’m hoping that the rain will have had wonderful effects on the growth of the carrots.

Will keep you posted on our late-crop container carrots.


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I am a poet at heart with a cosmiconscious mind. I'm not so good at hiding my insides, and I find it hard not to be honest to being. Creating and recreating, birthing and earthing, these are things I do being supremely born according to the Word.

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