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In a Jiffy

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Jiffy! It is such a wonderful and integral tool to our gardening success. So what is the Jiffy gardening system? There are peat pots, pellets, greenhouses, and so much more. The greenhouse is actually called JIffy-7. It is a plastic container that has cells to hold pellets. Pellets are essentially dehydrated soil bound in a biodegradable casing. All you have to do is add water and watch them plump. Once the pellets are saturated, you plant your seeds in them and replace the lid to watch the magic happen.

The first time we used our Jiffy greenhouse we began to see growth within days, 2-5 days. Some of the crops with longer germination periods took 7-10 days. Once the seedlings were more mature and had spent some time outside of the greenhouse, they were ready to be transplanted. The larger majority of our crops survived (there were 56 pellets in total).

The only thing that would make the Jiffy-7 better is add a labeling system. We used small Pot-Its on the edges to keep track of which pellets housed which crops. I can’t comment on any other of the Jiffy products, but I am an avid consumer of the Jiffy greenhouse and pellets.

We purchased our Jiffy greenhouse from Wal Mart for less than $6. I’ve seen the Jiffy greenhouse at a local nursery for twice that price. The refill pellets at Wal Mart are $2.99 and $6.49 at our local nursery.

Disclaimer: I was not solicited or paid to review this Jiffy product.



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