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Baby Cabbage Balls


These brussel sprouts are finally on the move. When I was researching this crop it did say that it seems to not do much for quite some time and then boom, growth explosion. I guess our brussel sprouts have definitely hit their growth spurt. Everyday they seem to get a little bit taller, wider, thicker. This is very interesting to watch, because for so long there wasn’t much action.

Because of the super heatwave that was looming this summer, we did not get all four of our brussel sprouts in the ground early. Last week we transplanted the last two brussel sprouts (and collard greens) from a container to the garden. So far they are still leant over and looking a bit sad. I have hope because the leaves are still firm and vibrantly green, the stems still have a purplish hue, and the two earlier transplants didn’t do much when they first got in the ground either.

At this point I’m realizing that the brussel sprouts will most likely need staking. One plant has gotten so large that it is beginning to tilt, or maybe it’s just too heavy for itself. According to my research, these things can get really big. I’ve read of 5 to 6 feet tall crops. That’s a whole lot of brussel sprouts. I’m a little worried about them growing so large, because we don’t have a lot of space and the shading that a plant that large will provide its neighbors. Am I worrying too much? Something tells me that I am. On the bright side, if our brussel sprouts do grow super tall we will get loads of harvest. Well, maybe not loads since these bugs are voracious. The word on whiteflies coming real soon.


Author: Waxing Poetica

I am a poet at heart with a cosmiconscious mind. I'm not so good at hiding my insides, and I find it hard not to be honest to being. Creating and recreating, birthing and earthing, these are things I do being supremely born according to the Word.

2 thoughts on “Baby Cabbage Balls

  1. I’ll admit I am supper amazed that little brussel sprouts can grow almost at least 5/6ft. tall, I guess some small things come in tall packages. Thanks for this blog because you know that I am challenged when it comes to growing things. Also, just wanted to let you know that a couple of more cucumbers will be ready this week. They bring me so much joy. Please take lots of pictures so we can see the stages of your garden.

    • That’s wonderful. I just pulled 2 yesterday and expect a few more this week. One of the plants seems to be giving up the ghost right about now. I’m not sure if it is the lack of shade since the pulling of the broccoli or just that its time is done. I hope I can encourage you to give it a go. It’s not as bad as I expected it to be. It’s actually pretty easy. The worst part is getting the ground ready and figuring out how to arrange things. I’ll see about more pictures today. Hopefully that monstrous storm did everybody back there some good.

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